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Our kitchen  digital timer is simple and easy to use, and a perfect compliment to your other kitchen utensils & gadgets . It counts down from any time up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds and sounds an alarm when time is up…..not abrasively loud yet soft tone can be heard from adjacent rooms.

This digital kitchen timer with magnet has an easy-to-read digital display with 3 large non-sticking buttons that show minutes and seconds. Comes with commonly used alkaline AG10 button cell battery 1.5V (also labeled LR1130 by some brands).

The countdown digital timer memory feature stores the last timer setting for quick repeat use. Buy 3 and keep one magnetized to your refrigerator, your barbecue, and anything metal in your house where you might need to keep track of a countdown.

Our digital countdown timer can be used as a digital egg timer, and has all types of uses as digital outdoor timer for example while barbecuing, or keeping track of tasks in the garage or your man-cave. Also can be used as a digital kitchen timer for all your cooking timer needs, or as any type of indoor timer for games, timing the kids homework sessions, piano lessons,etc. etc. The list of uses is limited only to your imagination.

With our inexpensive sale pricing (even cheaper when you buy 3! ), these can be used as a digital timers for teachers in the classroom or at home as a digital timer for your kids and their activities.

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