*Temporarily Out of Stock

We are proud to announce a new addition to our product line……… Hori Hori Japanese Garden Knives !

These versatile gardening tools have been used by master gardeners in Japan for generations and are just now trending into popularity every where around the world.

We are selling 2 models

. The 1st one, a New Best Seller on Amazon, is for the intermediate and beginning gardeners.


As you can see it comes with a leather sheath and is on Sale for only $26.93


For the serious Hori Hori Knife Users We Are Proud to Announce the Newly Ultra Strength Designed Superior Garden Knife


As you can see it is also a #1 New Best Seller on Amazon and for good reason

  • It has a  reinforced design with superior strength so knife won’t break under extreme use such as digging out rocks and thick roots.
  • Even the Leather Sheath is Heavy Duty with a thickness more than 5 times the width of other leather sheaths
  • Like our other Hori Hori knife it can be used as a trowel for scooping and features engraved depth markings in inches and millimeters. Ultra Sharp serrated side of blade can be used for cutting through roots, twine, etc.
  • It is built to last a lifetime comes with our No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee




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