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Our Greentisory Digital Quick Read Thermometer is ideal for both home and professional use. With its ultra-fast 4 second response time for all commonly used cooking and roasting temperatures, and its accuracy of ±0.9°F, it is unquestionably the best digital thermometer performer in it’s price range.

Our Meat Thermometer is so versatile its uses go far beyond just measuring the internal temperatures of meats. It can also be used for:

  • Measuring temperatures of candy including chocolate
  • Hot liquids such as water,milk, and even hot oil
  • Poultry such as turkey and chicken
  • Brewing beer
  • Roast, steak and pork tenderloin
  • For you gardeners it can even check the heat of your compost pile

58°to 572°F temperature range gives it the versatility to work for all your cooking needs. Probe and protective casing are water resistant, easy to clean, and shatter proof. Quick read display to within 4 seconds comes with button battery meaning you can use your Greentisory Digital Meat Thermometer straight out of the box.
Stainless steel internal probe keeps your fingers safe from being burned. 2 clips on side of probe holder for securing to the rim of pot or cup when measuring heat of liquids for example when you’re frothing espresso coffee.

Click Here to Order Now on Amazon >>>>>>>buy5._V192207739_